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Buying at EYN is cheaper, clear and honest presentations, safe because the use of the EYN Escrow Service for all payments.

Do you want to sell your boat? We have the lowest commission rates in Europe; namely 2 % exc. Vat*. Normally commission rates lie between 6-8 % exc. Vat. The benefit is for you!

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Turn your passion in to your profession 
and become E-Y-N Yachtbroker!

Make use of the turn key solution of European Yachting Network and start instantly as a yacht / boat broker with a well known name. You’re not by yourself!

Why franchising?
As a starting independent Yachtbroker without a franchise association you’ll be facing high costs at the start. Think about an office, website and the advertising you’ll have to do. Second difficulty to get started is the lack of knowledge of the international yachting market, why would anyone go in to business with you? The struggle starts, the fun fades and there is just little left of your investment. You’ll have to be able to give your customers something new. For example a low rate, a well organised Back Office and an active approach of the potential clients and the market. 


Doing business as a EYN Yachtbroker with European Yachting Network b.v. on your side is not difficult and expensive. The costs with this franchise are substantially lower and that makes your business more profitable. So, more profit and less risks.

So make use of the unique turn key solution of European yachting network b.v. and be able to instantly use:
• an unique sales generating concept
• the best technologies usually used in companies with over 50 employees
• online database! Working with blackberry technology.
• The outsourcing of your Back Office
• An unique and recognisable house style
• Your own, modern internet site (including training and maintenance)
• as preferred partner, witch is to expensive for a single broker
• The used and new ships EYN has for sale already, so you can start straight away
• The safest contracts that are being updated continuously
• The safest transactions, because of the outsourcing at an accountant
• Continuously professional sales and management schooling (PSP) and a yearly meeting with all the EYN brokers (networking)
• Your own customised CRM program and database
• EYN network, “professional together for better results”
• You can always give the most competing offers for financing and insurances. All you have to do is sent you’re clients personal details to EYN and we’ll make sure that our partners will give you the best offer. Advantage for you and your client
• Work from home and from your car. More relaxed and less expensive. You save not only time, but easily € 40.000 on office costs. (rent, insurances, back office, furniture and more). An office where you shouldn’t be! You’ll have to be visiting you’re costumers, networking and create your own opportunities.
And not to be forgotten, you’re only doing the enjoyable things of being a EYN Yachtbroker, being busy with People and Boats. We offer you educational counselling and we’ll support you with our always up to date back office technologies like blackberry for always and anywhere real time e-mail. You’re able to call your clients back straight away so they won’t have the time to go to your competitors, so the client will be yours.


People with a passion for the nautical branch are with us always more than welcome, so ask us for a non-committal intake meeting and we’ll clarify the entrance fee and the annual franchise fee. We’ll explain what we will do with your money and how we will build a solid business for you and perhaps your family.

Call us at 0031(0) 73 6313620 or e-mail

For Belux: 0032 (0) 495515459 or e-mail 
For Spain 0031 736313620 or e-mail
For Germany : 0031(0) 736313620 or e-mail

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